Steve Stoute Blasted By Fans For Claiming He Started Hip-Hop Shoe Collabs

Steve Stoute has been making news all week for comments he made on Shannon Sharpe’s Club Shay Shay podcast. He made a variety of claims that had both fans and fellow celebrities asking questions. But one particular trend he took credit for was the crossover between rap and shoes. “Started that. Everybody knows that. That’s me. That’s called, ‘Corporate America, I’m going to introduce you to this thing called Hip Hop. And the music, and the culture, and everything that it represents can help you,” he said.

But fans online disagreed with his take. Under a repost of the clip on Twitter, fans hit back at him and they brought receipts. “It is well documented that Run-D.M.C. signed hip-hop’s first sneaker contract in 1987 when they partnered with Adidas in a deal worth $1.6 million,” one response reads. Another commenter gave additional examples. “He definitely has selective amnesia… RUN-DMC started it. Then LL Cool got his sneaker deal with TROOP. I really wish people STOP trying to change/erase Hip Hop HISTORY!!!” Check out the full interview Stoute gave on Club Shay Shay below.

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Steve Stoute Called Out By Run DMC Fans


One of the comments Steve Stoute made that got the attention of fans had to do with Dame Dash. He claimed to know the reason for his creative split from Jay-Z and cited Dame’s ego making him hard to work with. Dame didn’t just sit back and take the comments. Instead, he went to social media to respond to them and claim that he would have beaten Stoute up if he hadn’t matured.

He spoke even more about Jay-Z later in the interview. He even claimed that Jay is his cousin and discussed how close their bond remains. What do you think of Steve Stoute’s claim that he pioneered shoe deals among rappers? Do you think the fans bringing up Run DMC in the comments have a valid point? Let us know in the comment section below.

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