Street Art Auction at Julien’s: A Milestone for Urban Graffiti


Imagine a world where the vibrancy of the streets meets the prestige of the auction house. On February 22 at 10 am, Julien’s Auctions in California opens its doors to a realm where graffiti isn’t just scrawled on walls but celebrated on the grand stage. The event, titled ‘Street Art’, is not just an auction; it’s a testament to the journey of underground art from the shadows of urban alleys into the spotlight of mainstream recognition. Among the treasures up for grabs are works by luminaries such as Banksy, Invader, Retna, and Jamie Reid, marking a pivotal moment for collectors and enthusiasts alike.


A Canvas Not Confined

The ‘Street Art’ collection brings together 20 unique pieces, each telling its own story of rebellion, innovation, and identity. Among the headliners are Banksy’s ‘Gangsta Rat Live’ and ‘Police Van Chimp’, iconic images that challenge societal norms with a blend of humor and poignancy. Equally compelling are Invader’s ceramic tile mosaics, which transform familiar urban landscapes into interactive game boards. Not to be overlooked, Retna’s ‘Sangria’ print invites viewers into a cryptic world of stylized script, blurring the lines between ancient inscription and modern graffiti.

From Pavement to Podium


This auction represents more than a mere transfer of ownership. It’s a celebration of street art’s evolution and its undeniable impact on contemporary culture. Each piece, whether a Banksy or an Invader, serves as a beacon of creativity unleashed, proving that art can thrive beyond the confines of galleries and museums. The inclusion of Jamie Reid’s work, known for its raw energy and punk ethos, underscores the diverse range of voices and visions that street art encompasses.

A Bid for the Future

As the auction goes live, both in-person at Julien’s Auctions and online at, it offers a unique opportunity for collectors to own a piece of history. But beyond the bids and the gavel’s final bang, this event signals a shift in how we perceive art and its place in society. Street art, once dismissed as vandalism, now commands respect and recognition, bridging worlds and inviting dialogue. This auction doesn’t just sell art; it sells a narrative of struggle, triumph, and the relentless pursuit of expression.

In closing, the ‘Street Art’ auction at Julien’s Auctions is more than an event; it’s a milestone for an art form that has fought tirelessly for its place in the art world. With works by Banksy, Invader, Retna, and Jamie Reid, it celebrates the vibrancy, diversity, and resilience of street art. As the hammer falls on the last lot, it will not signify an end but a new chapter for artists, collectors, and admirers, proving that art is limitless and everywhere — if only we have the courage to see it.

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