Suge Knight Discusses Woman Who Was Key To 2Pac’s Prison Release

Suge Knight has disclosed the name of the mystery woman who played an important role in getting 2Pac released from prison.

On the second episode of Collect Call With Suge Knight, which aired on Thursday (November 9) via Dave Mays’ Breakbeat Media, the Compton native discussed the late rapper’s time inside a penal institution and how they worked to get him free and signed to Death Row Records.


“[The] only person [who] made it happen, to let me know to get ’Pac out of prison was a girl named Keisha,” he revealed. “That is the baddest bitch in the world. If it weren’t for Keisha, you guys wouldn’t have heard All Eyez On Me or all the other hits he did.”

It is worth noting that 2Pac was reportedly married to a woman named Keisha Morris from 1995–96, but Knight never confirms that or says her full name during the podcast.

Suge Knight remembered how she would call his office “every fucking day,” saying that she was the California MC’s wife and that he needed the Death Row Records boss’ help, after which Knight finally spoke to her. Soon after, he took a flight to visit ‘Pac in prison — even though he had on an ankle bracelet — and it would be the first time the two ever met.


“Keisha made that happen,” he reiterated before transitioning to the subject of their legendary alliance beginning to take shape.

Check out Suge Knight talking about Keisha at the 20:26 mark below:


In the same episode, the former Hip Hop mogul also claimed to have covered up Snoop Dogg’s alleged involvement in a murder early on in his career, saying: “If it weren’t for me, [Snoop would] still be in prison doing life.”

The “Gin & Juice” hitmaker and his former bodyguard, Malik, were arrested on first and second-degree murder charges in connection to the death of Philip “Little Smooth” Woldemariam in Los Angeles in 1993.

Akon Plans To Sue Suge Knight Over ‘Outrageous, False & Disgusting’ Rape Claims

Akon Plans To Sue Suge Knight Over ‘Outrageous, False & Disgusting’ Rape Claims

“The lawyer said: ‘Well, the bodyguard has a 9mm, so we can’t say he protected Snoop and shot the guy; Snoop had a .380,’” Suge recalled. “I said: ‘We’ll be fucked if the bodyguard had a .380 and Snoop had a 9mm., and he got shot with a .380, right? He got shot with a 9mm.”

He continued: “But since Snoop had the .380 and the bodyguard had a 9mm, and he got shot with a .380, all the bodyguard gotta say is he was using .380 bullets in his 9mm.”


The defendants were ultimately acquitted on all charges in the death of the rival gang member due to self-defense claims and negligence on the Los Angeles Police Department’s part.

Furthermore, Knight claimed to have spent $6million to help cover up loose ends. This involved allegedly paying off someone from Snoop’s crew who was blackmailing the rapper, going so far as to meet with a private investigator and telling him “the muthafuckin’ truth” on record. But according to Knight, once he stepped in, this person “destroyed” the alleged tape.

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