Suge Knight Says He Used To ‘Slap’ People For Bad-Mouthing Oprah

Suge Knight has done a number of surprising things in his career, but perhaps the most shocking of all has been just revealed: he claims that he used to assault people for insulting Oprah Winfrey.

On the latest episode of Collect Call With Suge Knight that aired on Saturday (December 2) via Dave Mays’ Breakbeat Media, the former Death Row Records head recalled what happened when he heard someone say something bad about the queen of daytime TV.


“I remember back in the day, doing time, when people said something bad about Oprah Winfrey. Shit, I got in their ass,” he said. “You talking about this Black woman. I fried their shit up, slapped the shit out them — ‘Don’t say nothing about this Black sister.’”

Suge went on to bring it back to his current situation: his 28-year prison sentence for running over and killing a man.


The man, Terry Carter, was a consultant on the N.W.A biopic Straight Outta Compton, and Knight was reportedly upset about how he was portrayed in it.

Despite the fact that he defended Oprah’s honor, Knight cited her complicated relationship with Hip Hop, saying she “wouldn’t put rappers on her show.”


“But Oprah promoted [the movie] Straight Outta Compton, even though Straight Outta Compton tried to kill me and have me doing time right now,” he said.

Winfrey tweeted in 2015 that the film was “powerful” and an “eye opening rap education for me.”

You can check out the segment beginning at the 7:00 mark below.


Elsewhere in the episode, Suge Knight took a moment to recognize two Hip Hop veterans who he believes have always stayed true to former Death Row artist 2Pac.

Suge Knight Says Snoop Dogg Has ‘A Lot Of Explaining To Do’ Over 2Pac’s Murder

Suge Knight Says Snoop Dogg Has ‘A Lot Of Explaining To Do’ Over 2Pac’s Murder

“I wanna say this about ‘Pac, I wanna say this about Treach, I wanna say this about Scarface,” he said. “These three young men, as artists and men, have a bond that we need to teach and people need to use their model.”

He continued: “Treach and 2Pac was road dogs. Still today, you can count on Treach to represent ‘Pac. You can count on Treach to live with ‘Pac far as he still represent that man.


“Same thing with Scarface … Face is gonna fuck with ‘Pac no matter what. That’s why I was joyful when we did that song with Face and ‘Pac, ‘Smile.’”

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