The elusive street artist taking on the world


How important is it to make sure there’s an element of humour in your work?

I think humour or any sort of art magic is so important when you are trying to convey a message. If you just shout a message down at someone they are most likely going to double down on their opinion. If you sugarcoat a message within humour, poetry, song or art you will be able to soften them up enough to shove your idea into their brain.

As it’s so often text-based, how much of your art training goes into creating your work? Am I right in thinking you did sign-writing after art college?

All sorts of stuff I learned in education is used in my day-to-day work but I wouldn’t say you necessarily need it to progress. I did sign painting as my last job but all of that was self-taught through the internet or from advice from friends. Learning sign painting did give me a basic understanding of layout and the importance of fonts, but most of the adverts I do are completely lifted from other adverts. I think that if they are in the public domain (our eyeballs) it’s fair game to steal off them. I would advise anyone to try it as an exercise. It makes graphic design a lot easier.

As an artist you must surely want to be able to see the reaction to your work – I guess Instagram is good for that but when a piece is live do you linger about watching?

I get out of there ASAP and then come back to take a photo. Sometimes I catch people at that moment and usually receive good feedback. The best reactions are from the phone calls as they are the most real. Or comments on social media from people who don’t follow me.

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