The history of medieval graffiti in Cyprus


Is there such a thing as medieval graffiti or is street art a more contemporary form of expression? For many, graffiti is considered to be a relatively new movement yet an upcoming lecture at CVAR Severis Foundation will reveal the history of medieval graffiti in Cyprus, what it means and where it appears.

Mia Gaia Trentin from The Cyprus Institute – STARC – APACLabs will deliver a lecture in English on March 14 exploring the graffiti found on the island’s historical buildings and past. The presentation, which is free to attend and held with the support of the Active Citizens Fund, will explore how historical graffiti can enhance the understanding of past communities and act as a tangible link between ancient practices and traditions that still resonate today.

The historical buildings in Cyprus are more than mere architectural remnants of the island’s multicultural past,” say organisers, “they encapsulate its diverse and vibrant history while preserving the intangible narratives and emotions of its inhabitants.

“Graffiti inscribed on these structures offers a unique glimpse into the past, recounting events, prayers and hopes of those who journeyed to the island long ago. Through extensive study and analysis, the rich corpus of medieval and modern Cypriot graffiti has emerged as a valuable resource, illuminating the intimate dimensions of multicultural Cypriot society.”

Cypriot Medieval Graffiti: Centuries of History Scratched on the Walls

Lecture by Mia Gaia Trentin. March 14. CVAR Severis Foundation, Nicosia. 7pm. In English. Free. Tel: 22-300994

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