Today In Hip Hop History: Remy Ma Sentenced To Eight Years In Prison For Shooting 16 Years Ago


On this date in 2008, the Terror Squad’s First Lady Remy Ma was sentenced to eight years behind bars in a New York State prison for assault with a weapon, weapon possession and coercion for her role in a 2007 shooting.

Criminal Court Judge Rena Uviller said that the Grammy nominated rapper, whose real name is Remy Smith,  was “an extremely angry young woman whose anger is completely out of control,” before reading her sentence.

The July 14 shooting stemmed from an argument between Remy and her former friend, Makeda Barnes-Joseph, who Remy believed had stolen $3,000 from her purse during a night out in Manhattan. A struggle ensued between the women and the gun went off s the two struggled over Remy’s purse. The bullet pierced Barnes-Joseph’s colon and hit her rectum and sent her to a hospital for three weeks.


Prosecutor Michael McIntosh said that Smith had a habit of traveling with a loaded weapon and said something like this “was bound to happen one day.”

Remy and Papoose had planned to marry the day before her sentencing at New York’s Rikers Island Jail, but the ceremony was halted after a handcuff key was found on Papoose.

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