Tony Yayo Speaks On DJ Khaled Altercation

Tony Yayo said that his people told DJ Khaled he “eat bullets” at the height of their feud and altercation. Furthermore, Yayo said that he had reservations about confronting Khaled. “I knew this was a bad idea,” Yayo said, noting Khaled’s fierce loyalty to Fat Joe. Additionally, Yayo said that things didn’t go down in the end because he “knew it was a bad idea”. These new details from Yayo came out during an interview with DJ Vlad.

Yayo previously opened up about the altercation during a radio appearance while appearing on Drink Champs last year. Yayo identified the Fat Joe beef as one he wasn’t happy to be part of during his time in G-Unit. Them Spanish n-ggas from the Bronx, them n-ggas, man, is just crazy. The Dominican, Puerto Rican n-ggas, like them n-ggas, when it comes to certain n–gga they love they gonna go all the way. Joe had n-ggas that was ready to die. You know them n-ggas in the Bronx, n-ggas will pull a machete out on you, start dancing. That’s when I realized them Bronx n-ggas is crazy.”

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Tony Yayo Thinks Young Thug Will Be Acquitted


Meanwhile, in a previous interview with VladTV, Yayo gave his thoughts on the ongoing Young Thug trial. Yayo explained why he believes Young Thug isn’t going to jail. “Thug coming home, man,” Yayo said. “The case … it sounds like a clusterfuck, man. Free Young Thug, man. And you know, it’s like, when you look at the shit, it’s like, he’s a high-profile guy. So, it’s a clusterfuck. You know? Even moving them around, it’s like, he’s high-profile. This is everyday shit, though … It’ll just make the news because you’ll hear ‘YSL.’”

It’s not the first time Yayo has commented on the YSL case. Earlier in 2023, he shared his thoughts about Gunna‘s plea deal. “It’s hard to call somebody a snitch without the paperwork,” Yayo said. “But I think when that video came out — because remember Gunna got out and I love Gunna music, I love Thugga music. Gunna got out, you know, got the bad chick with him jumped into $200,000 Maybach everything was all Gucci you know what I’m saying. But two minutes later, what was that? Probably like an hour later, yeah the film in court came out.” Do you agree with Yayo? Let us know in the comments.

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