Tory Lanez Is Set To Give Adin Ross His First Prison Interview


Tory Lanez is currently serving a 10-year prison sentence for shooting Megan Thee Stallion in 2020. Overall, his trial is one that a lot of people were keeping their eyes on. However, it didn’t go the way some people thought it would. There were those out there who thought there wasn’t enough evidence to convict Lanez on all three charges. Furthermore, there was this sense that a third party was actually responsible. In the end, Lanez went to prison, and his legal team is still trying to find ways to get him out.

Since heading into prison, Lanez has been fairly quiet. Aside from some musical releases here and there, he has not given any interviews. His fans are eager to hear from him, and it seems like Tory is more than aware of this. According to Adin Ross, Tory will be speaking to him soon, on stream for the world to see. In fact, Tory will be calling in via Zoom. “Yo chat, by the way, free my dawg Tory, man,” Adin began. “Adin x Tory Lanez stream — it’s going to be a Zoom call, chat. He’s going to be in jail and I’m going to be at the warehouse. Zoom call, very, very soon.”

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Tory Lanez x Adin Ross

Tory Lanez and Adin Ross have done content together in the past. In fact, Tory did an infamous freestyle on Ross’s stream that is considered to be his best. Ross used to have lots of artists come on his streams to spit freestyles, although we don’t get to see that much anymore. Regardless, having Lanez on to give an interview is an interesting surprise. One can only imagine what sort of revelations or allegations will be made. After all, Tory didn’t really speak to the media very much during his trial.

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