Tory Lanez Shouts Out Adin Ross In Voice Message From Prison

Tory Lanez has given a shout-out to Adin Ross in a voice message he sent to the streamer from prison.

Adin Ross shared the voice message during a recent stream with fans. In it, Tory showed him love as his “favorite white boy.”


“Adin, my n-gga, I just wanna tell you thank you my n-gga. You my favorite white boy, pause, my n-gga,” Lanez can be heard saying. “I appreciate everything you been doing, my n-gga, showing me love. At such a young age, I’m happy to see what you doing.

“You getting that Kick money now. Make sure I get a couple million — as soon as I walk out of jail, we on top of the world. Second of all, my n-gga, I appreciate you for listening to the album and being a real n-gga. Stay safe.”


Adin Ross has been a staunch supporter of Tory Lanez, repeatedly calling for the rapper’s freedom throughout his trial for shooting Megan Thee Stallion.

“Free Tory in the fucking chat right now. When you get out, Tory, I’ll get you a little gift,” Ross said.

Listen to the message below.

Tory returned with new music from behind bars with the Alone At Prom deluxe edition on Friday (November 17).

Lanez (real name Daystar Peterson) was sentenced to 10 years in prison after being convicted of shooting Megan The Stallion during an argument in July 2020.

Tory Lanez Slammed For Clowning Court Reporter Meghann Cuniff In New Album Teaser

Tory Lanez Slammed For Clowning Court Reporter Meghann Cuniff In New Album Teaser

He has never acknowledged shooting his fellow rapper, and has accused the media of enacting a smear campaign against him. He is currently residing in a state prison in California.

His appeal was rejected last month. Court reporter Meghann Cuniff received copies of the decision filed by the California Court of Appeal on October 27.


According to the order, “appellant has not shown that the superior court unjustifiably denied relief.”

In other words, the Canadian rapper and singer couldn’t prove, based on his filings, that he wasn’t treated fairly by the court system — despite his repeated claims to the contrary.

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