Trespassing and Graffiti Surge at Oceanwide Plaza Skyscrapers in D…


Los Angeles is grappling with a severe problem at the now-defunct Oceanwide Plaza skyscrapers where trespassing and graffiti tagging have become a common occurrence. Of recent, a chilling video exhibiting an individual navigating an unfinished skyscraper’s outer ledge without safety gear, high above downtown L.A., has emerged. This incident accentuates the continual problem at the $1 billion mixed-use retail and luxury apartment complex, construction of which came to a halt in 2019 due to financial turmoil.

The Developer’s Financial Crisis

The project developer, Oceanwide Holdings of China, faced significant financial struggles, pausing the construction of the mixed-use project. This financial crisis resulted in the site lacking proper security. Consequently, the abandoned project has become a prime target for graffiti artists, who perceive the deserted structure as a canvas for their work.

Trespassing and Graffiti: A Rising Concern

Last week, the police arrested two men for trespassing. An additional four suspects were apprehended by the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) on Tuesday. The site has attracted graffiti artists, some of whom have traveled from out of state, inspired by events like Miami Beach’s Art Basel. The LAPD, in collaboration with city leaders, is striving to implement security measures and eradicate the graffiti. However, the extent of these measures and their cost remains uncertain.

City Leadership’s Involvement

City Councilman Kevin de León has introduced a motion aiming at cleaning the graffiti on the building and pursuing legal action against the developer. However, the specifics of this motion and the legal implications for the developer are yet to be detailed. Kevin de León’s office has been contacted for further details but has not yet responded.

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