Troy Ave Tells Fans He Is Going To Serve Prison Sentence Over Deadly 2016 Shooting


Back in June of 2023, rapper and podcaster Taxstone got into a heated situation with fellow Brooklyn MC Troy Ave. It all went down in 2016 in New York City at the Irving Plaza. Both were at the T.I. concert at the time and a fight broke out leading to a fatality and several injuries. Troy’s bodyguard Ronald McPhatter was the one who unfortunately lost his life. Taxstone blamed the incident on Troy Ave in his defense, imploring that he egged everything on, leading to him pulling the gun out in self-defense. However, the court did not buy it, and they handed him a 35-year prison sentence.

Troy only had to do one year in jail for everything, though. But, according to HipHopDX, he is seemingly heading back to the court room to turn himself in. The veteran rapper announced this on his Instagram by way of short video. “About to run up in the court, you might not see me for a while but just know the streets is a myth. Somebody shot at me. Instead of laying down and dying, I’d have been a hero, a martyr. I take the gun and bust back.”

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Troy Ave Leaves His Fans With A Message

All that Troy asks is that he receives support from his fanbase. “Y’all keep supporting and keep running it. And send prayers; prayers count more than anything … I’m up out of here.” This news kind of came out of nowhere so there is not much information on when he is going to court, how long his prison sentence is, etc. So, stay with us to follow the rest of this developing story.

What are your thoughts on Troy Ave turning himself in for the events surrounding the 2016 Taxstone debacle? How long do you think he will be behind bars for? Do you think this is unjust? We would like to hear what you have to say, so be sure to tell us in the comments below. Additionally, keep it locked in with HNHH for all of the latest news surrounding Troy Ave. Finally, stay with us for everything else going on around the worlds of music and crime.

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