Uncle Murda Disses DJ Envy & Kodak Black On ‘Rap Up 2023 Pt. 3’

Uncle Murda has released the third and final part of his “Rap Up 2023” song, and it finds him taking aim at more targets including DJ Envy, Kodak Black and Trick Daddy.

As is his annual custom, the Brooklyn rapper recapping the past year of news in Hip Hop on the lengthy track, addressing various controversial subjects.


His first target is Kodak Black, who came under fire last year for working with 6ix9ine, sparked concern for his wellbeing after acting erratically on Drink Champs and was arrested for cocaine possession.

“Kodak Black was on ‘Drink Champs’ looking bad, shit wasn’t funny/ Trying to explain why it’s cool to take Tekashi money/ You really did a song with a n-gga that ratted/ Got locked up for swallowing coke, you really an addict,” Murda raps.


After recapping events such as 6ix9ine getting beaten up at an L.A. Fitness and the rumors that Ashanti is pregnant with Nelly’s baby, Uncle Murda tears into Trick Daddy.

“Trick Daddy talking reckless, n-gga, you want smoke?/ I seen that video you made, you had to be on coke/ You had a cooking apron on saying I start a lot/ Don’t get punched in the face like Charleston White in the barbershop,” he spits, referencing the Florida rap veteran’s previous criticism of Murda’s “Rap Up” series.


The 50 Cent affiliate goes on to tackle Usher and Chris Brown’s alleged scuffle, Draymond Green punching Jusuf Nurkić and the viral moment of Kanye West getting “a blowjob” from his wife on a boat.

Uncle Murda leaves some of his most pointed lines for DJ Envy, who has been sued for his alleged role in an alleged real estate scam ran by his former business partner Cesar Pina.

50 Cent Reacts To Uncle Murda Dissing Diddy On ‘Rap Up 2023 Pt. 2’

50 Cent Reacts To Uncle Murda Dissing Diddy On ‘Rap Up 2023 Pt. 2’

“Damn, DJ Envy was promoting real estate/ That turned out to be a Ponzi scheme, that whole shit was fake/ People lost money, your partner was stealing it/ You’re guilty by association even if you innocent/ I just thought Envy got caught up in Cesar’s shit/ That little fat n-gga Cesar look like a piece of shit/ He was selling the same property to different people/ I ain’t a real estate agent but I know that’s illegal,” he raps.

In his first “Rap Up 2023” installment, Murda weighed in on topics such as André 3000’s polarizing debut album and Gunna allegedly snitching on Young Thug.


On the OutKast legend’s instrumental flute album New Blue Sun, he rapped: “André 3000 finally put some shit out/ Honestly, he was better off not putting shit out/ I was tryna catch a vibe but I just couldn’t catch the shit/ All he did was play flute, I wish he woulda said some shit.”

In the second part of the song, Uncle Murda candidly addressed Diddy’s sexual assault allegations, Keefe D’s arrest over 2Pac’s 1996 murder and Jada Pinkett Smith “embarrassing” Will Smith and their family with her intimate confessions.

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