Urgent Recall: Children’s Graffiti Finger Paint Inkpad Due to Chem…


Recent developments have prompted an urgent recall of a popular children’s painting product sold in Ireland, raising concerns among parents and guardians about the safety of toys and art supplies designed for young users. The recall specifically targets the Graffiti Finger Paint Inkpad, which has been identified to present significant health risks, including chemical exposure and choking hazards, according to the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC).


Identification of Risk and Immediate Action

The Graffiti Finger Paint Inkpad, distributed via the online shopping platform Joom, has been flagged for containing strong sensitisers capable of provoking allergic contact dermatitis in sensitised individuals. The issue compounds with the discovery that the foam component of the ink pad is prone to tearing, posing a severe choking risk to small children who might ingest the pieces. The product, identified by model type/number ATMC21F58-25 in couleur bleue, lacks clear branding, batch numbers, and barcodes, complicating efforts to trace and withdraw the affected items from circulation.

Consumer Response and Safety Measures


Authorities urge consumers who have purchased the implicated Graffiti Finger Paint Inkpad to cease using the product immediately and to contact the seller for a full refund. This incident underscores the critical importance of stringent safety standards and rigorous testing for children’s products, particularly those intended for use in play and education. The CCPC’s swift action to recall the product reflects an ongoing commitment to safeguarding children from potentially harmful products. With only 16 reported units affected in the Republic of Ireland, the recall aims to prevent any incidents of injury or allergic reaction among young children.

Broader Implications for Consumer Safety

This recall serves as a stark reminder of the vigilance required by both parents and regulatory bodies in monitoring children’s products for safety compliance. The digital marketplace, while offering convenience and variety, also poses unique challenges in regulating and controlling product quality and safety standards. Consumers are encouraged to report any similar safety concerns to the relevant authorities, contributing to a safer environment for all users, especially vulnerable children. This incident also highlights the need for comprehensive product information and traceability to facilitate swift action when safety issues are identified.

As the situation unfolds, the dialogue around children’s product safety continues to intensify. This recent recall not only prompts a review of current safety standards and enforcement mechanisms but also emphasizes the need for collective responsibility among manufacturers, retailers, and consumers in ensuring the well-being of the youngest members of our society. The lessons learned from this recall will likely inform future safety protocols and consumer education efforts, aiming to prevent similar incidents from occurring.

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