Video Shows Tay-K Rejecting Plea Deal in Second Murder Case


New court video shows Tay-K rejecting a plea deal in his second murder case.

Tay-K Rejects Plea Deal

On Sunday (Feb. 25), footage began circulating online that shows Tay-K at a recent court appearance. In the video, which can be viewed below, the Texas rapper is seen in handcuffs wearing a red prison-issued uniform. The rapper does not speak in the video. However, when the judge asks if the plea deal is being rejected, the rapper’s attorney speaks up and confirms they are taking the case to trial. Tay-K’s next court date is March 11, during which he will be given the date his trial will begin.

XXL has reached out to the Bexar County Clerk’s Office for comment.

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Tay-K’s Legal Issues

Tay-K, born Taymor McIntyre, is already serving 55 years in prison for his role in the 2016 robbery and murder of Ethan Walker in Mansfield, Texas. After initially being arrested for that case in 2016, he was released on bond and infamously cut off his ankle monitor and went on the lam. During this time, he released the viral hit “The Race.” It was also during this time on the run that police say Tay-K killed 23-year-old Mark Anthony Saldivar during a robbery outside a Chic-fil-A restaurant in San Antonio. Following his sentencing for Walker’s murder in 2019, Tay-K was extradited to San Antonio to face crimes in connection to Saldivar’s killing.

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See footage of Tay-K rejecting a plea deal in his San Antonino murder case below.

Watch Tay-K’s Attorney in Court Notifying the Judge the Rapper Is Taking His Second Murder Case to Trial

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