[WATCH] Big Daddy Kane Blames Drake Fans For Ruining The Essence Of Hip Hop Battles


There is no doubt that Big Daddy Kane is one of the most prolific and respected emcees within the culture of Hip Hop. He’s probably your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper. So it definitely came as a surprise that BDK’s perspective of the Drake vs. Kendrick Lamar battle would put the blame of the battle going stale on Drake’s fans.

In anb exclusive interview with Art Of Dialogue, the Brooklyn rap legend stated that he lost interest in the recent battle between Drizzy and K.Dot, citing that Drake’s fans being more concerned about fact checking rather than bars and the rhyme delivery spoiled it for him.

“It’s not a competitive thing about who spit the better bars it’s a thing about fact checking to see if this person told the truth,” Kane stated. “If the line is dope and he dissed you, it’s dope man. It’s that simple. He bodied you with what he said.”


Tried and true on the battle grounds of emceeing, Kane contends that battles were fundamentally different during Hip Hop’s “Golden Era”, stating, “In my days of battling people I said stuff that wasn’t true.”

Kane doesn’t, however, blame Kendrick or Drake for how their fans weigh and judge the competition aspect. “Enjoy the music for what it is,” he said. “If that’s the way the younger generation looks at battles, good for them. It’s not about Kendrick or Drake. Their comments and their views, they make it unenjoyable for me.”

Kane Did say that in his opinion, the best of the “Big Three”, J. Cole, abandoned the battle to his disappointment.  “I think he is,” Kane honorably mentioned. “Like he’s my personal favorite.”

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