Watch: Josh Richardson aka DJ J-Rich shows off his skills on the turntables

Miami Heat guard Josh Richardson isn’t only making a splash on the basketball court, he’s also making waves as a rising DJ. As Richardson returned to Miami, he honed his skills to become a better DJ and make an impact off the court. J-Rich is following the footsteps of a Heat legend, Shaquille O’Neal, who’s also a skilled DJ.

Known as DJ J-Rich on the turntables, Richardson talked about how he was inspired to make music now that he’s got a platform. The Heat guard also shared that music has always been a significant part of his life in general.

Richardson has always been in touch with his musical side, often playing the classical piano in his free time. Now, he’s moved to a more modern way of playing music, which heavily involves sound mixing.

“My love of music, honestly, I think it’s from my dad,” Richardson said. “We’d always have music playing all day. It really expanded my horizons, so now I feel like I have a pretty eclectic taste.”


In the video, Richardson made his Art Basel DJ debut, and it was a success. His teammates, Jaime Jaquez Jr., Duncan Robinson and Bam Adebayo were all in attendance to support him.

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Josh Richardson joins Shaq and JaVale as NBA DJs

Josh Richardson is the newest player to join the list of players who produce music. While most players opt to pursue hip-hop, others prefer a different path. The first player on the list used to play for the Heat

Shaq is known to take chances on everything. He acts, raps and even produces his music. Under the moniker DJ Diesel, O’Neal has made waves as a top-tier DJ. Last year, he played in Europe at several festivals, further expanding his brand as a musician.

The other player who also plays as a DJ is JaVale McGee, three-time champion and former Shaqtin’ a Fool MVP. He started his music career in 2018 when he released his album. McGee is a music producer under the name Pierre and has also worked closely with Justin Bieber.


When the Canadian singer-songwriter released his fifth studio album, Changes, McGee was credited as one of the producers.

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