[WATCH] Justina Valentine Drops Explosive 2023 Rap Up, Asserting Female Rap Dominance


Wild ‘N Out veteran Justina Valentine has once again showcased her rap skills with the release of her highly anticipated 2023 Rap Up, as exclusively featured by The Shade Room. In a year filled with diverse and impactful events, Justina leaves no stone unturned, delivering clever bars and punchlines that would make hip-hop legend Big L proud.

Known for her dynamic and energetic performances on Wild ‘N Out, Justina Valentine has become a force to be reckoned with in the rap game. Her annual Rap Up has become a tradition eagerly awaited by fans, and this year’s installment is no exception. In a new tradition, Justina flexs her lyrical muscle and comment on the hottest topics of the year, addressing everything from cultural moments to the untimely passing of beloved figures.

In a genre often dominated by male voices, Justina continues to break barriers and prove that ladies still control the mic. Her ability to craft sharp and insightful rhymes, combined with her charismatic delivery, sets her apart as a standout female artist in the hip-hop landscape. The 2023 Rap Up not only demonstrates Justina’s command over the art of rap but also positions her as a contender for having the hottest rap up of the year.


As fans eagerly anticipate the reactions and discussions sparked by Justina Valentine’s 2023 Rap Up, one thing is certain – she is keeping the guys on their toes and solidifying her place in the ever-evolving world of hip-hop. Justina’s ability to encapsulate the essence of the year in a rapid-fire lyrical delivery is a testament to her skill and contribution to the vibrant hip-hop culture.

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