Webbie’s DJ Reportedly Complained About His Job Before Committing Murder-Suicide


Webbie’s longtime DJ went off on a rant about the seasoned artist’s business practices before he allegedly shot his wife and himself.

Police in Powder Springs, Ga. got a call about a shooting around noon at the home of Natorius “T Gutta” Brown and Kalisha Seddens-Dunn. Two bodies were found at the residence, but authorities did not immediately release their identities. According to a report HipHopDX published on Thursday, police confirmed Brown killed his wife before he turned the gun on himself.

“I can confirm that Notorius Brown died from self-inflicted gunshot wounds after killing Kalisha Seddens-Dunn,” Captain J.W. Holcombe said. “I am being told that he went by that name [T Gutta] when performing.”

Just 30 minutes before police got the call, Brown made a lengthy Facebook post in which he described all the ways he hated working for Webbie. DJ T Gutta accused the Savage Life rapper of not paying him for his work and also complained about doing other odd jobs without compensation.

“Dawg DJin for Webbie is a living hell!” he began. “1st That n***a don’t want to pay. Then that n***a don’t want to see nobody around him shine! Like nobody not even his own brother.. Why y’all think everybody left from around him? I was only supposed to be his tour DJ but i had to be a driver, a dr, a security, a PR, a babysitter, booking Agent, a referee, a counselor, a road manger, and a list of other things. But yet this n***a didn’t appreciate none of it. I did all that s**t with a smile on my face in front of thousands every night, but i was dying inside.”

Webbie hasn’t directly responded to the allegations in T Gutta’s post. However, he did pay homage to his late DJ. Webbie took to his Instagram Story and posted an old photo of them together during the good times. Check out T Gutta’s final message and Webbie’s post below.

Rest in peace T Gutta.

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