Who Is Kid Capri? A DJ & Hip Hop Pioneer


Kid Capri is a Grammy award-winning DJ and producer who pioneered the early rap sound. Despite being a godfather of the genre, many young people may not be familiar with the Brooklyn-born artist’s extensive resume. For the younger crowd, the DJ is likely most recognizable for his contributions to Kendrick Lamar’s Pulitzer Prize-winning album Damn. On the 2017 record, Kid Capri provides narration, exclaiming phrases like “You know what happens on Earth stays on Earth!” and “New Kung-Fu Kenny!”

The hip-hop icon is currently trending due to his recent private battle with cancer, which he revealed to the public in the final days of 2023. Per Capri’s announcement, he is officially cancer-free going into 2024, with plans to remain busy and active as the years roll on. His peers have hailed Kid Capri as The Guru of Mixtapes, and he boasts a highly impressive catalog of releases in collaboration with many of hip hop’s greatest lyricists.

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Early Life & Musical Beginnings

Kid Capri was born David Anthony Love Jr. in February of 1967. Though the iconic producer was born in Brooklyn, he spent his early days growing up in the Bronx. Releasing his first known works as early as 1987, Kid Capri is said to have experimented with music as early as 8 years old. In his youth, the producer would scratch records using his father’s Zenith stereo system. This habit would eventually evolve into the DJ’s famed record scratch trademark down the line.

Kid Capri utilized a grassroots approach to building his buzz on the street, often getting his name out by performing in clubs and local joints across New York. The prolific record-scratcher is often hailed as being one of the first-ever DJs to perform on major television networks such as VH1 and BET. Throughout the 1990s, Capri could be found manning the boards during Def Jam Comedy on HBO.

Notable Collaborations And Signing To Warner Brothers Records

Before long, Kid Capri’s inventive style and creative production choices made him a go-to producer for a host of hip-hop legends. Throughout the late 80s and early 90s, Capri worked with artists such as KRS One, Big L, Heavy D, and more. In 1991 Kid Capri signed to Warner Brothers Records, a subsidiary of Warner Music Group, and released his first full-length album, titled The Tape. The Tape featured Capri’s vocals delivered over production by the legendary Biz Markie, and peaked at No. 87 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums in the United States.

In 1997 Kid Capri joined Diddy on the Puff Daddy and the Family World Tour, serving as the in-house DJ across the UK and the United States. In 1998, Kid Capri actively recorded his second album, Soundtrack To The Streets, in studios located across New York, Los Angeles, and Miami before its release. Soundtrack To The Streets featured vocals from prolific rappers such as Snoop Dogg, Slick Rick, Jay-Z, Buster Rhymes, The Lox, and many more.

Hiatus And Live Performances

After the release of Soundtrack To The Streets, Kid Capri took an extended hiatus from releasing full-length LPs. Instead, the DJ focused on performing live at high-profile events across the country. In 2003, Capri helmed the boards at the BET Awards, before linking with Martha Stewart to headline her end-of-year Christmas party. Kid Capri manned the boards during Rakim‘s set at both the 2007 and 2008 Rock The Bells festivals. This trend continued through events such as Jay-Z’s 2018 Oscars party, as well as DJ Khaled‘s birthday party in the same year.

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Resurgence In 2022 And Beyond

In 2022, Kid Capri shocked the world with the release of his first LP in over 25 years. The MC’s third album, titled The Love, consists of 19 tracks produced, written, and performed by the at-the-time 55-year-old artist. The record also included “Uptown” a collaboration with his daughter, R&B singer Vina Love, showcasing the excellent musical chemistry shared between the generational music icons.

Kid Capri was also very active during hip hop 50 celebrations throughout 2023, despite privately battling cancer throughout the year. According to the DJ’s Instagram, he plans to accomplish even more in 2024, hinting at more live shows, and perhaps additional full-length releases. No matter what Capri does in the coming years, it seems clear that the hip hop iconoclast is here to stay, proving that there is still a lane in modern music for those who paved the way for the genre of rap to thrive.

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