World Cup of Hip Hop Unveils Stellar Lineup of Board and Committee Members, Partnerships, and Exciting Plans for 2025 Launch Event

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Published on December 30th, 2023 |
by Jameelah “Just Jay” Wilkerson

The World Cup of Hip Hop (WCOHH), an international celebration and competition honoring the core elements of hip hop culture, is excited to announce its impressive lineup of board members, committee members,
and strategic partnerships, as it gears up for the highly anticipated 2025 launch event.

Board of Directors

WCOHH boasts a board of directors composed of prominent figures in the hip-hop industry, bringing their wealth of experience to steer the organization to new heights.

The board includes:

Joseph Clarke – Chairman/Commissioner
Krysanne Katsoolis – Director of Media
Andre “Dr. Dre” Brown – Director
Dr. Malik Small – Director of Education
Doc Wynter – Director of Media
Paul Anthony – Director of Communications
Jasmine Howard – Director of Business Administration
Gerard Williams – Director of Gaming
WCOHH DAO – Director of Community Engagement
Al Pizarro – Director of Hip Hop Culture

Committee Members

WCOHH’s committees bring together experts and artists from various countries to oversee the different elements of hip hop culture. Committee members include:

Emcee Committee with representatives like Mikey D, Grafh, and MC G.L.O.B.E.
Graffiti Committee featuring talents like Leia Sands and ASKEM.
DJ Committee, led by the legendary DJ Jazzy Jay and DJ URI from India.
B-Boy/B-Girl Breakdance Committee with contributions from B-Boy Speedy Legs, B-Girl AmB and B-Boy Flying Machine 3-time Red Bull champion.
Beatbox Committee with the addition of the first Beatbox artist, D-Cypher, from India.
Knowledge Committee, dedicated to educating about hip hop culture.

Strategic Partnerships:

WCOHH is forging key partnerships with influential entities, including:

The Hype Magazine
Who?Mag Sony/Orchard Distribution
Secret Walls
Viewpark Ventures
Pendulum Ink
Iheart Media

Global Ambassadors

Newly appointed Global Ambassadors Geechie Dan and Diamond the Artist, hosts of “Planet of the Tapes,” on Rock the Bells Sirus XM are set to release a global compilation mixtape album titled “Breaking Borders,” a testament to the international reach of hip hop.

Global Qualifiers

WCOHH’s global qualifiers are set to span across diverse locations, including Greece, India, Asia, Las Vegas, and Atlantic City. These events will serve as the stepping stones for artists from all corners of the globe to showcase their unique flavors of hip hop and create their regional teams to compete in the 2025 World Cup of Hip Hop competition. These qualifiers will be produced as a TV Series titled “Road to the Hip Hop World Cup”2025 Launch Event

Anticipation is building as WCOHH prepares to launch its main event in 2025, honoring the Global Hip Hop community. This international contest will feature top artists representing various hip hop disciplines, cultures, and countries, paying homage to the five core elements of hip hop culture.

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About World Cup of Hip Hop Organization

World Cup of Hip Hop (WCOHH) is a global platform dedicated to celebrating and competing in the five core elements of hip hop culture. It aims to unite nations, break borders, and showcase the diverse flavors of hip hop from around the world.

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