‘You Got Served’: 6 Movies Inspired By The Cult Classic Dance Flick

You Got Served was every B2K and IMX fan girl’s fantasy, and every Hip-Hop dance crew‘s inspiration in 2004. For once, fans were able to see their favorite R&B heartthrobs truly showcase their acting skills while also thrusting their body parts for an hour and 35 minutes.

For underdog dance crews, the storyline was all too realistic as it not only highlighted competition and teamwork, but how poverty and hustling can affect youth when there are limited financial resources.

The Chris Stokes-written and directed hit marked the first film for all members of B2K and the third for IMX (f.k.a Immature) collectively. Omarion and Marques Houston play best friends (David and Elgin Eugene Barrett Smith III) who lead a beloved Los Angeles dance-crew. When the two accept a sketchy challenge from a rich suburban dance group, they soon find themselves grappling with the streets, betrayal and death of a youth. Ultimately, their crew’s joint love for dance, brotherhood and their community brings them back together.

You Got Served, of course, wasn’t the first dance film to celebrate Hip-Hop dance culture, hence there’s 1984’s Breakin’, Beat Street and several others. It did, however, influence a new wave of films highlighting dance competitions, resilience and the underdog coming out on top.

In honor of the film’s 20th anniversary (Jan. 30), VIBE has comprised six dance flicks influenced by the $50,576,805 grossing film.

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