Young Thug Breaks Silence On Jerrika Karlae Jail Cell Photo By Thirsting Over Mariah The Scientist


Young Thug has been in jail ever since May of 2022 when he was arrested on RICO charges in Georgia. Overall, the YSL RICO trial is one that could have major implications for the future of hip-hop. With lyrics being used as evidence in some cases, freedom of expression is at risk. This is especially true of Thugger were to lose. No matter the case, fans are throwing their full support behind the rapper. Although it may be difficult at times to keep up with the case, his dedicated fans are doing everything they can to make him feel like someone has his back.

Yesterday, Young Thug was wrapped up in a controversy surrounding a search of his jail cell conducted in 2022. In the footage, a photo of his ex Jerrika Karlae was found. Of course, this raised some suspicion given his relationship with Mariah The Scientist. Recently, a sensitive call between Mariah and Thugger was leaked online, and it led to lots of jokes. Consequently, fans were quick to call Mariah The Scientist out for getting played. Last night, Young Thug decided to respond to the controversy.

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Young Thug Speaks

In the tweet above, the artist posted a picture of Mariah The Scientist with the caption, “All I want. All I see.” Considering everything that was said on social media yesterday, it is no surprise that he felt the need to respond to the controversy. After all, you never want to go through this kind of thing when you can’t even see the person being implicated. While some fans think it was Mariah herself who posted the tweet, there are others who think the post was quite sweet. Whatever the case, Thugger and Mariah are still together.

Hopefully, Young Thug and his privacy will be respected, from here on out. Let us know your thoughts on the situation, in the comments section below. Additionally, stay tuned to HNHH for the latest news and updates from around the music world. We will always be sure to keep you informed.

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