Young Thug Called Out For Jerrika Karlae Photo In His Cell Following Mariah The Scientist Leak


Young Thug has been in jail for almost two years now. Back in 2022, he was arrested on RICO charges and he has yet to get bond. Overall, it seems like that will never happen as the trial is currently underway. However, the trial has been a bit of a mess. There have been numerous missteps from Judge Ural Glanville, as well as the prosecution. Every single day, something from the trial goes viral, and it has been a bad look for the justice system. A perfect example is the leaked call between Young Thug and Mariah The Scientist.

In the video, the two lovers can be seen acting as any couple would. However, it is in such a way that you would not want the public to see. In the aftermath, Mariah The Scientist caught some flack on social media, and for the most part, that has not stopped. However, people are now claiming that Mariah is being played by Young Thug. This is all because of an old image of Thug in prison that has resurfaced online. According to The Neighborhood Talk, fans can see Jerrika Karlae with Thug in a photo on the wall of his cell.

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Young Thug Is Being Watched Closely By Fans

The clip of Thug in jail was taken from all the way back in 2022 so there is a chance that he has since taken down the image. However, considering Mariah The Scientist was with Thugger at the time of his arrest, many are theorizing what could be going on here. “So Daddy Got 2 Baby’s Or Is The Grandma The Baby,” one person wrote in the comments section. “Imagine holding a man down and he got somebody else on his jail wall,” said another. Perhaps there could be some context lacking, although for now, there is a sense that Thug has allegiances to two women.

Only time will tell whether or not Mariah The Scientist can get to the bottom of this. Let us know what you think of this discovery, in the comments section below. Additionally, stay tuned to HNHH for more news and updates from around the music world. We will always keep you informed.

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